Shoulder Pain in Santa Maria CA

Are you experiencing shoulder pain? The shoulder is one of the most susceptible joints to injury due to this complexity and large range of motion. There are too many potential causes of shoulder pain to list. Some of the causes are more common than others though.

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Some of these more common reasons include neck and back problems, arthritis, irregular motor functions, athletics, and automobile accidents. With the wide variety of potential causes, pain in the shoulder can either gradually worsen months after an incident or immediately. Our shoulders are used for a lot of different activities, many of which we do not even realize involve the shoulder muscles. With that said, any injury at all should be taken seriously. Even if the injury appears minor at first, make sure to get it checked out to ensure it will never develop into something worse. Your Santa Maria CA chiropractors are experienced with shoulder injuries and trained to make sure they will never progress.


There are many symptoms related to a shoulder condition. Some of these symptoms are more painful than others. Due to the complexity of the area, every symptom must be examined closely. If you are experiencing shoulder pain that lasts more than a week, pain that comes and goes often, pain from lifting objects, or are unable to put your arm above your head, you should come in as soon as possible for a consultation. It is also advised to come in immediately when there is significant swelling, bruising, or an abnormal clicking feeling when you move the joint.

Shoulder pain is just like every other injury and therefore requires a personalized treatment plan. This is why a proper and precise diagnosis is a must. All of our staff is trained and experienced in all the diagnostic techniques to find the origin behind your pain. Restorative Spine & Joint uses both health records and advanced imaging software. Every patient goes through a thorough consultation, and we will not make a diagnosis until we fully understand the situation.



Shoulder joints are controlled by muscle groups in the upper back and neck. A spinal misalignment can cause an interruption in the signals that run from the nerves and the muscles they control. In many cases, shoulder pain actually originates from the neck region and moves towards the shoulders. If an adjustment to align the spine is unsuccessful in removing any shoulder pain, Restorative Spine & Joint is trained and experienced to find the exact cause. We have worked with many patients with the same concerns and are confident in our effective techniques.

We offer many types of therapies aside from adjustments that have been proven to help reduce or eliminate shoulder pain. Our goal is to offer you the fastest recovery possible and get you back to a pain-free state. Therefore, no matter if the pain is from a misalignment in the spine or from an incident involving the shoulder, Restorative Spine & Joint in Santa Maria CA will be able to help you. If you have any questions, feel free to call! Our team is looking forward to meeting with you.