Additional Testimonials


"A very professional office, yet friendly and open. Your office staff is very good at what they do. Dr. Egbert is caring, listens well and does what he thinks is correct for the patient health. Thank you."


"Loved my experience, after my first visit I felt comfortable and knew I was doing the right thing for my body. I will be back and I refer your practice to all my clients and friends. Thank You."


"My daughter and I enjoyed our care and overall experience with Dr. Egbert and staff. We thank you!"


"Great chiropractor and great staff."


"I would highly recommend Dr. Egbert."


"Very thankful I found this office."


"Dr. Egbert is The Man! He really helped my wife after her pregnancy and some of the associated pains from holding the baby all day. Thus, I gave him a shot and he has done a phenomenal job. We’re happy to have a reliable local chiropractor."


"Dr. Egbert is very knowledgeable and uses multiple techniques. He explains his procedures in understandable terms and gives clear plans and goals for treatment. As a bonus, he is very good with children and his office and staff are very family friendly."


"Dr. Egbert has helped to alleviate pain in my 5yr old daughter’s hips. She had immense pain that the orthopedic specialist said could only be healed with surgery. Dr. Egbert, however, saw differently. After a few short visits my daughter is enjoying her first year as a cheerleader pain and medication free!

Thank you Dr. Egbert for renewing my faith in the Chiropractic practice!"


"A couple of months ago my neck was crazy out of shape and it hurt to turn my head! I came in and everyone was super friendly and Dr. E fixed my neck after two or three visits! I was so happy and my neck was too!"


"Egbert chiropractic has been a lifesaver for our family. In addition to our regular adjustments, which have eliminated my migraine headaches and lower back/hip pain, Dr. Matt saved me from having to have a c-section when my 3rd child was a footling breech 3 weeks before my due date. It only took one adjustment, and as I rested at home that night, I watched my belly roll as Eli got himself into a head down position. We had a healthy, all natural delivery 2 weeks later. Our family is so grateful for our chiropractor!

We love our chiro flow pillow! The only problem is that my daughter keeps stealing it from me, and I had stolen it from my husband!"


"I love your drop down-tables for big pregnant bellies!"


"The dinner meeting I went to was a very informative experience. I learned a lot of what chiropractic is. He is an extremely knowledgeable Dr and a very nice guy. I recommend him to anyone…and I have!"


"Every visit is a great experience…such an awesome staff!"


"I can’t pick a favorite experience because there have been so many! Dr. E’s gentle adjustment techniques, the front office staff’s efficient & accommodating service, informative & educational classes & last but not least…free food!"


"My 3 year old daughter, who was never sick and always happy, went through a 4 month period of illness. She had frequent colds, wasn’t sleeping well, was very clingy and cried often. Since she wasn’t feeling well a friend of mine from church mentioned Dr. Egbert, so I took my daughter in to see him. An hour after the adjustment she fell asleep and slept really well for a long time. When she woke up it was obvious she felt so much better! She has been free of illness for weeks now and she is back to her cheerful self. She sings often and smiles so much more."


"I met Dr. Egbert about 3 years ago when he was covering for a vacationing chiropractor. At the time, I suffered chronic neck and shoulder pain. I previously had been a patient of an MD who specialized in pain relief. To make a long story short, the MD told me that he could help me manage the pain but he could not provide a cure for the underlying problem (he didn’t even have a clue about what the underlying problem was). I decided that narcotics were not for me and started seeing chiropractors. When Dr. Egbert stepped into my life, my pain was barely tolerable. He reviewed my file, got familiar with my pain history and then gave me an adjustment. All I could say was WOW! Dr. Egbert really knows how to adjust necks. Within months, the chronic shoulder pain was gone and the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches were significantly reduced. My shoulder pain rarely flares up but when it does, I do the stretches Dr. Egbert recommends and then I go for a chiropractic adjustment."


"I love this place for so many reasons. Matthew really genuinely cares for not only your health, but for you as a person. I recently graduated from PCPA, and our schedule there is pretty rigorous both physically and emotionally. Matthew always took care of my many aches and pains and really took the time to really figure out how to help me feel better as well as cracking a few jokes- and bringing a smile to my day! His team at Egbert Family Chiropractic truly cares as well. I highly recommend his practice- you will be in wonderful hands."


"About 2 years ago I fell down a flight of stairs and couldn’t lift my leg. I was referred to Dr. Egbert’s office. He was able to fix my tilted pelvis along with an array of other pains I had. I continue to go for health and Maintenance. To make sure I am in tip top shape. I not only go to Dr. Egbert for my adjustments, but because his office staff is so friendly and professional. I have referred many of my friends and will continue to refer many more."


"I came to Dr. Egbert in great pain. I didn’t know much about him, but he came highly recommended from members of my church. By the time I drove home I felt much better and after two more visits I felt like my old self again. Doctor Egbert is gentle, soft spoken and honest! I highly recommend him to everyone, no matter what your size or age. I’m old and fluffy."


"Dr. Egbert is awesome! After discovering I have scoliosis it was hard for me to accept the fact that “it has no cure” “you just have to live with it” things I heard from other chiropractors. When I first met Dr. Egbert I mentioned I had scoliosis and all he said was “I can fix that for you if you want.” Long story short and almost a year later this incurable thing I had to live with is almost gone. (x-rays do not lie.)"


"Gave them a call on Friday after getting no results from the hospital. Was referred to this office by a friend and she had nothing but great things to say about Egbert Family Chiropractic. I was in so much pain and distress when looking for the office I called and Melissa stayed on the phone with me to guide me. Dr. Egbert took me right in and listened to my issues and I felt immense relief, and to top it off my headache of 2 days disappeared. The rates are affordable, considering I don’t have health insurance. I personally will recommended anyone here. The Dr. and staff are absolutely awesome and really care how you feel."


"I have been coming to this wonderful office close to 2 years, Dr. Egbert has been so amazing. Every visit that I come it makes a big difference in my body. I highly recommend Dr. Egbert to everyone."


"Very Friendly Staff."


"I was referred by a coworker and I would definitely refer to friends and family. Excellent quality of care, friendly staff and comfortable accommodations. They do an excellent job with scheduling."


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